Presentation of Pastinnova project and call for RLL participants | Adana, Turkey

29 May 2023


In person / physical

16 participants representing 9 organizations from Turkey.



On the 29th of May, 16 representatives of PASTINNOVA CUNI RLL of Turkey attended the first meeting in Adana-Turkey organized by Çukurova University at Adana Hilton hotel in earthquake resistant buildings.

The meeting was organized to serve following purposes:

  • to establish a LL with pastoral actors and stakeholders living in the area
  • to give information about the PASTINNOVA Project
  • to explain the aims of the project and dynamics of LL
  • to create cooperation among groups of pastoral actors, women’s cooperatives and facilitators within RLLs of Turkey.

Çukurova University management unit and project stakeholders, Adana Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Sarıçam Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Adana Breeding Sheep and Goat Breeders’ Association, entrepreneurs on related IBM, Animal breeders, Women’s Cooperatives and the press attended the meeting. The total number of participants were 16.

After the on-line speech of the project coordinator, Athanasios Ragkos, Turkey LR Prof. Dr. Nazan Koluman and Vice-chair of Adana Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry Ms. Birsen Ergün made the opening speeches.

After the opening ceremony, a 15-minute break was given and a meeting was started with the RLL participants. Within the scope of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Nazan Koluman presented general information regarding PASTINNOVA . Prof. Dr. After Serap Göncü made presentations on RLL. Participants’ questions were replied to during the Questions and Answers session.

At the second part of the meeting, 15 minutes were given to each participant to summarize their problems, followed by a 10 minute presentation for each participant and finally an open-discussion started to decide the RLL methodology. The survey will be programmed for governmental, SME, retailer, producer, breeder and consumer. The next meeting will be at the end of June.

Outcome / Deliverables.
Application-oriented networks were established between stakeholders of IBM’s.


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