Field trip: Hydroponic fodder at the School farm of COOPSSEL

Date: November 15th, 2023

Format: Field visit

Location: Ain Lahdjar, Setif, Algeria 

Duration: 8:30 – 14:00 (Algeria time)


  • Researchers and members of the PASTINNOVA project-Algeria
  • Professor ABBAS Khaled (INRAA)
  • Mr DJELLAB Hamza (veterinarian of COOPSSEL)
  • Miss AMRI Rachida (INRAA)
  • Workers of the school Farm
  • Breeders members of the pastoral association
  • Other participants from the chamber of agriculture.

INRAA and COOPSSEL organized a field trip to train farmers on Hydroponic barley fodder and the operating method to incorporate it into production units as a feed for dairy cattle.

The main topics addressed during the field trip were:

  1. Visit and explanation of the different infrastructures of the dairy cattle farm (breed, feeding system, lactation, etc).
  2. Visit to the unit of pressed cheese production (equipment, processes, cheese tasting, etc).
  3. Visit to the Germination center of hydroponic fodder (explanation of different steps, inputs, irrigation system, etc).

Participants discussed the importance of finding substitutes for animal feed and in general, they expressed a positive opinion on the implementation of this technology.


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