Workshop of Sensitization and Mobilization of project stakeholders | Setif, Algeria

Sétif – Algeria


1 day.



Director of Agricultural Services of the Wilaya (Department) of Sétif.

General Secretary of the Chamber of Agriculture of the wilaya.

Director of the Technical Institute of Field Crops of Sétif.

Director of the Medium Technological Institute for Field Crop Training in Sétif.

Director of the National Center for the Control and Certification of Seeds and Seedlings of Sétif.

Director of the National Cattle Feed Office of Sétif.

Director of the High Commission for the Development of the Bordj Bouareridj Steppe.

Director of the National Agricultural Mutual Fund of Sétif.

President of the breeding cooperative El Wiaam.

 The Institute of Nutrition, Food and Agro-Food Technologies (INATAA).

The Secretary General of the Agricultural Chamber.

The Director of Agricultural Services.

The president of the integrated milk agri-food division.

The president of the Bouhezza cheese promotion association.

The Director of the Center for Research in Applied Economics for Development.

Other participants from universities and the technical training institute and INRAA.

Researchers and members of the PASTINNOVA Algeria project.

The workshop aimed to raise awareness among all actors in agriculture and particularly the official stakeholders of PASTINOVA in Algeria on the scope, relevance, approach and objectives of PASTINOVA.

Furthermore, the workshop sought to provide stakeholders with an explanation of their role in RLL North Africa, particularly in regards to activities planned in Algeria.

The workshop brought together candidate farmers for the creation of a pastoral association and to take ownership of the hydroponic barley innovation. As such, the methods of creating the association and the technical and economic aspects relating to hydroponics were presented and discussed.

The participants as well as the stakeholders expressed their adherence and support for the project, in particular the local agricultural authorities.


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